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Jade History

For centuries, humankind has studied the relationship between themselves and the energy that is part of them as well as the energy that surrounds them. The Chinese culture specifically dedicated themselves to an understanding of how to cultivate these energies to bring about balance, goodness and luck. I am an extension of this dedication. I have examined Chinese numerology, the elements, favorable colors, directions, animals, and more.

And when necessary, each day, month and/or year I apply these relationships to my own life and share them with others. I was not born with LUCK but always strive to be the best at what I do. And I am GOOD at what I do. But sometimes that is not enough. Welcoming these Chinese methodologies into my life and sharing them with others along with my dedication to giving my best has brought about many personal successes, balance, and tops it off with luck.

We offer more than jade jewelry.

We create jade pieces that heal, bring good luck, protect, give strength, nurture relationships, provide peace, and give blessings.

Questions & Custom Jade Orders

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    Jade By Nikolai
    Contact Numberย (808) 228-2732

    We do custom jade work to promote other blessings (motifs) that you want for yourself or to gift to others.

    Family / Heirloom
    Push Gifts

    Apparel can also be customized and designed just for what your chart states that you need.

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