Clear the way for New Year abundance

January 04, 2018

The Chinese maintain long lists of things to do and not to do on specific days of the year.

Whether you believe in good luck, bad luck, helpful or harmful spirits, there is a rationale for the New Year tradition of “sweeping the dust.” The actions are based on the belief that one’s surroundings affect well-being. Cleaning encourages people to get rid of old baggage, old energy and resentments that hold us back. Doing this allows us to focus on setting new intentions and moving forward in a positive way, whether one follows the Western or lunar calendar.

I believe that starting with a clean slate, a clear mind and tidy work and living spaces allows my energy and creativity to soar. Whether you’re aware of it or not, a cluttered, unsafe environment represents a psychological burden. That is why people feel lighter, more focused and energized in a clear space.

It’s in this ideal state of balance and intention—which Deepak Chopra calls the starting point of every dream—that prosperity, health, happiness and many other good things can flow.

Here are things to do before Feb. 4, to have a prosperous & good health in the Lunar New Year.

3 must do’s before the 4th of February 2018

  • New wallet or new bag to bring new wealth, business, prosperity for the new year
  • New shoes so each step will stop gossip, backstabbing and bring in only positive intentions
  • Last, your element you need to carry with you this year to bring balance and good luck to you this year


  • Make sure your living and work spaces are clean from top to bottom to welcome good fortune in the coming year. Open all doors and windows to bring in luck and energy.
  • Switch on all the lights. Bright lights are said to scare evil spirits.
  • Check all light bulbs and smoke alarms to make sure they all work.
  • Clean all blinds, curtains and ceiling fans. Clear out cobwebs. Wipe down everything.
  • Focus on the positive. Do not think or talk negatively because your actions set the tone for the rest of the year.
  • Buy a new pair of shoes or slippers to prevent people from gossiping about you. Maintaining a good reputation is important.


  • Wash down the patio.
  • Make sure all the grass is cut and trees are trimmed. Remove all weeds, garbage, broken furniture and broken planters.
  • Clean the outside of your windows and touch up chipped paint.
  • Wash out all your recycling and trash bins.
  • If you have a swimming pool or sauna, make sure they are clean.
  • Check all your security and outside lights.
  • Water your plants.
  • Make sure your tool closet or shed is tidy.
  • Clean the barbecue grill and doormats.


  • Mop the floors.
  • Clean your refrigerator and freezer; throw out old food.
  • Clean your drains, sink and tub. Replace your water filters.
  • Place a fresh fruit bowl in the center of your kitchen, particularly oranges that represent wealth.
  • Avoid using knives and scissors on New Year’s Day. Do not cut your hair or nails on Chinese New Year; do this earlier. Otherwise, it is believed you will bring pain to your relationships.


  • Organize your drawers. Throw away clutter and get rid of clothes you no longer wear.
  • Donate items to those in need. Wash your clothes prior to the new year.
  • Rotate your mattress, wash your sheets and clean your bed frame.


  • Check your tire pressure, oil and other fluid levels.
  • Wash your car, and clean the interior. Replace air freshener.
  • Fill your gas tank.

By doing as much of this as you can, you will be opening your life to more prosperity and spiritual joy.


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