What color will Nikolai’s hair be?

January 17, 2018

On fire: Why I’ll be a redhead in 2018

People often ask me why I color my hair in such bright hues at the start of every new year. It’s something I started 12 years ago, not for the sake of fashion and not to attract attention, but because of my heritage.

Everyone born in a certain year is represented by one of 12 zodiac animals. But Four Pillars astrology goes further, taking into account the amount of five elements—metal, water, wood, fire and earth—present in the universe at one’s time,date of birth and place.

I like to have my chart prepared before the start of a new year to be aware of how these elemental energies will affect me. This allows me to be proactive in trying to attract positive energy and outcomes, while avoiding potential difficulties.

In 2018, the Year of the Earth Dog, a majority of people will need earth, wood or water elements to balance their lives. They can increase this energy by wearing green, white or black, and filling their environment with nature or water elements such as plants, wood objects or a desktop fountain.

I have an overabundance of metal in my chart and because earth creates more metal, I need water and fire elements to create balance in my life. Water is already present in the boar, my birth sign. That means that what I need most is fire and the next time you see me, I will be sporting fire engine red hair!

I think coloring my hair is it easiest thing I can do to bring the element of fire into my life. This way, I don’t have to worry about wearing certain clothing or a specific piece of jewelry every day. I can simply wake up in the morning, brush my teeth, wash my face, and head out the door.

I love red and the fire element is beneficial to me because of its relationship to my jewelers craft. Fire melts metal and I’ll be able to mold and create many new designs going into the Year of the Boar in 2019. For me, fire is conducive to ideas, passion, joy and recognition.

It also has a strong, energizing quality that will be important for the interesting year ahead, which is destined to bring about important social, political, cultural and spiritual shifts.

With the strength of metal, I am looking forward to creating more of an awareness of this awakening, and with the fire energy surrounding me, I know this will be possible.

For you, there is always a specific jade element or precious stone that will be implemented for your needs in the earth dog, Just call, text or email me for details. Balance in 2018 is important for everyone!

The awakening and awareness begins in 2018 the earth dog.


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